HEE SW GP Leadership & Education Extension of Training (LEET)

Guidance for LEET year regarding expectations for WPBA/ARCP

All trainees starting the LEET extension to training will be expected to have achieved a satisfactory ARCP at the end of ST3 at a level appropriate for an outcome 6 (CCT).
Any outstanding evidence that was identified at the final ARCP in ST3 must be completed in the first 6 months of the LEET year.

Evidence required for ARCP during LEET training;

  • Regular engagement with the e-portfolio to demonstrate maintaining competence in the capabilities through learning logs and WPBA.
  • Clinical work is undertaken at 50% WTE therefore expectation would be for a minimum of 2 clinical case review log entries/month (18/ year ) and at least 2 additional log entries regarding other activities as part of their project time (QI,leadership,professional conversations etc).
  • Placement planning log for clinical and project time
  • Leadership MSF (clinical MSF and PSQ optional as completed in ST3)
  • 4 COT
  • 5 CAT, to include a mix of clinical and leadership work/activities
  • QIP project summary for final ARCP/completion of year
  • BLS
  • Child and adult safeguarding knowledge and reflection
  • Interim ESR and final ESR