We hope that your time training in Severn will be enjoyable and rewarding. If however you are unhappy with any aspect of your training here is some advice on what to do.

If your problem relates directly to your employment (HR issues) then contact the lead employer at ghn-tr.gptrainee@nhs.net


Otherwise the best person to help you resolve any problem will depend on what post you are in at the time.


Post First Point of Contact If not Resolved Contact
ST1/2 Trust Post  Clinical Supervisors Programme GP TPD
ST1/2 GP Post Clinical Supervisor  Educational Supervisor or Training Programme Director
ST3 GP Post  Educational Supervisor Programme GP TPD


The GP School encourages you to try to resolve any problem through informal discussion initially with the first point of contact listed above. If however you don’t feel that your problem has been satisfactorily resolved, then please approach the second line individual listed above. If you still don’t feel your problem has been addressed then ask your Programme GP Associate Dean for advice. At this point the GP Associate Dean may want to involve the Head of GP School. For contact details please get in touch with your local GP Programme Administrator.

This advice does not affect your ability to make an exception report (as per the Terms and Conditions of the Junior Doctor Contract), either because of issues with working hours or educational experience. Any exception report you make will be dealt with as laid down in that contract.