AKT & SCA requirements for CCT


  • GP Doctors in Training (DiT) are expected to have made at least one attempt at each of the MRCGP formal exams, AKT and SCA, during the normal training period.  

  •  It is recognised that in some cases there may be exceptional reasons why this is not possible or not recommended by the local educator team. In these cases, the final ARCP panel will expect to see an entry in the Educator notes written by the local TPD/APD with a recommendation and explanation why the DiT has not been able to sit one or both of the AKT or SCA before the last day of training.    

  • DiT should be made aware that it is not necessary to have passed the AKT before submitting cases to be assessed for the SCA or its successor exam. 

  • If a DiT has not attempted either exam by the CCT date then the Panel will take a global view of progress to date based on evidence within the portfolio of WPBA, supervisor reports, learning log reflections and outcomes of previous panels in order to decide an outcome. 

  • If progress is otherwise satisfactory, an extension to training will usually be awarded, but this cannot be guaranteed before the ARCP panel has assessed the DiT’s portfolio.