Most CPD in Severn is organised through the independent Education Provider Organisations. Local education events are publicised on the Education Resource Locator. The School of Primary Care may be asked to become involved in managing the educational needs of particular groups of doctors with various performance problems. We support a network of "Advanced Trainers" with special skills to help.

Individual concerns

Doctors who self identify (for example through Appraisal) that they may have concerns about their Performance may approach their local LMC, their NHS England Sub-region, or their local GP Education Team for further guidance and support. Education events are publicised through the local Education Trusts

Local Medical Committees (LMCs) are able to help with individual pastoral needs, problems with practice dynamics, stress and burnout and worries that individuals may have about their level of performance as a GP.
There are 4 LMCs covering the Severn footprint: 

  • Avon - which also provides its COPE scheme
  • Gloucester – which has GP advocates who may be able to help
  • Somerset - where further advice is available from its "Safe House"
  • Wessex - where specific developmental help may be available through its Insight service

Doctors who have had career breaks

To practice as a GP one needs to be accepted on to a Performers List. National guidance is that GPs who have not practiced within the NHS for at least the last 2 years should have further assessment of their skills before being admitted unconditionally to a Performers List. The Induction & Refresher (I &R or "Returner")scheme is devised to provide this assessment. Experienced trainers are used to host practice attachments while the doctor is inducted into the NHS and while the doctor's competence to practice as an unsupervised GP is assessed.

GMC referrals

During GMC investigations, GPs may be required to work under Educational Supervision. The Severn PGME School of Primary Care supports trainers who wish to become involved with this work through the activities of the Advanced Training Network

NHS England Concerns

The Severn PGME School of Primary Care is able to offer help and advice to the NHS England Sub-regions who require educational support for doctors identified through screening processes or following from NCAS assessments. Further details