The Training Space

Area Teams have regulations about the size and specification of consulting rooms as agreed by the Health & Safety Executive. In order to become a Training Practice, the Practice must meet the following criteria:

  • There should be somewhere where the patient can get undressed and be examined with dignity.
  • There should be appropriate facilities to allow a full examination including internal examinations.
  • There should be enough space so the patient and GP trainee can easily be recorded (DVD/video) with both faces in view

In addition, the Standards for GP Specialty Training list specific premises, equipment, and capacity criteria.

Practice Approval

If your practice isn't already a Training Practice, it will need to apply to be approved as one. The following form states the criteria and standards that the practice will need to achieve. It is also the application form: as well as asking for demographic information, it asks for evidence that the practice meets each criterion. Practices wishing to supervise doctors (Trainees, Foundation doctors, Retainers) for the first time will receive a practice inspection to determine the suitability of the practice environment for training.

Application and Re-application Form for practices wishing to host supervised doctors

The practice approval visit

A small team of educators (typically the local APD or TPD, as well as an Educational Supervisor and a GP ST, sometimes also a Lay Member) will see a Potential GP Supervisor and her/his practice to discuss the application.

The visiting team will also wish to meet as many of the partners and employed GPs as possible, as well as the practice manager. The visitors may also ask to tour the building to find out about the practice's teaching environment from nurses and members of staff.  Visits typically last three to four hours.

Practices that wish to host GP ST3s and other trainees

These practices may also be asked to host GP ST2s, GP F2s or GP Retainers. However, as the skills needed to supervise and teach GP trainees in their final year (GP ST3s) are considerable, the criteria for prospective "Educational Supervisors " (previously known as GP Trainers) are stringent.

Practices that wish to host GP ST2s, GP F2s or GP Retainers (but not GP ST3s)

This gives a good opportunity for practices to get involved with training. The level of teaching and supervision needed for these doctors is less than that needed for GP ST3s, so the criteria for the GP supervisors (known as "Clinical Supervisors") are lighter than those for Educational Supervisors.