Out of Programme Experience (OOPE)

We offer OOPE opportunities in two contexts:

  • OOPE rotations are for 4 years with the OOPE placement being between years ST2 and ST3. If you are interested when you first apply for GP training you will be asked to preference these rotations and these will be allocated depending on your recruitment score. This is part of the application process for GP specialist training and the rotations linked to OOPE are clearly marked. Five OOPE programmes will be available, one in each of our five locations.
  • We also offer up to a further five OOPE placements for trainees who are beginning their ST2 year in August, 2013. Application form and further information - this is outlines the application process and further GP specific criteria.

Note that successful OOPE candidates will be eligible after their OOPE year for nomination for the Excellence Award for Medical Work outside the GP training programme during their ST3 year. 

Be a Hero

Opportunities for paid Out of Programme work (OOPE) in South Africa after ST2 (four years GP Training)

Have you considered four years GP Training by taking a paid Time out of Programme Experience (OOPE) after ST2 and delaying ST3 for twelve months? You can return to a guaranteed ST3 General Practice Placement.

The School of Primary Care at the Severn Postgraduate Medical Education (PGME) is working closely with Africa Health Placements (AHP) as part of our Global Health responsibilities to recruit GP Trainees to work in rural South Africa on eleven month SA Public Health contracts.

Did you know that you will be paid up to £40,000 PA, you will be supported by the School of Primary Care and AHP, have a life changing experience and the opportunity to make a significant difference to the health of a rural community? The SoPC in Severn recognises that these placements benefit individual trainees, global health and the NHS. 

Africa Health Placements

As of August 2012, we have encouraged our trainees who take up the OOPE opportunity to go with Africa Health Placements (AHP). Africa Health Placements is an organisation with a mission: to support and enhance healthcare systems in Africa, by finding, placing and retaining the right people for the job.

Africa Health Placements offer a range of services, which are delivered free of charge, and range from finding the most suitable position and location (based on your skills and preferences), to managing the completion of all regulatory requirements, to ensuring that you settle in comfortably. AHP have a competent team of professional recruiters to assist you with your registrations, work permits, placement and orientation at a choice of facilities throughout underserved areas of South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland. Posts with AHP also attract a locally appropriate salary.  Dr Robin While, the Chair of the School Board and former GP and Associate Postgraduate GP Dean, will provide some in-country support. He will also be able to visit you in your hospital with members of the AHP team

For further information about AHP then please visit the AHP website. Please also see the report written by Clare Hollister, a trainee who recently completed her OOPE in South Africa with AHP. You can also email Martin Schroeder, EU Liaison.  If you have clear ideas about what you would like to do during your OOPE year, and do not wish to travel to South Africa with AHP, then we would be happy to discuss this with you and provide you with the support that you need. Please contact Professor Bill Irish or Julie Edwards if you would like to discuss further.  Also, have a look at our Working Overseas page.

What it's really about!

Read some of the real experiences of our OOPE trainees.

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