Re-approval as an Educational / Clinical Supervisor 

Please note the changes to the criteria and application process that were introduced in August 2012 and the new alternative process described below:

  • practice accreditation has been separated out from Supervisor accreditation
  • the criteria have been simplified and reduced in number
  • however, some new criteria have been introduced, particularly with regard to Supervisor/Trainer availability (section s15)

Recently Approved Educational Supervisors/Trainers: the first review

New Educational Supervisors/Trainers are visited at one to two years after their first accreditation. The purpose of this visit is to review progress during the first year and to offer support. While the ES will still need to show a DVD of a tutorial, these initial reviews tend to be less formal than those for established ESs. First Year Visit form Subsequent re-approval visits are every 3 years for patches not in the pilot of the new process.

The Re-approval Process 

The Severn School has successfully piloted a new method of approval for experienced Supervisors, which we believe is more formative. Early feedback was extremely positive so we have now moved across to the new system for all re-approvals (both CS and ES).

The re-approval process consists of the following components:

  1. An annual report submitted by the ES/CS.  Please click here for information about the annual report process and click here to download the annual report form. ES/CS needs to submit this in July or August each year, ready for the annual Quality Panels.
  2. A peer review visit every six years. Please click here for details of the peer review visit process and click here to download the pro-forma to be used by the visiting peer ES/CS.
  3. A formal re-approval visit every six years. Note that the peer review and re-approval visits will alternate, so every ES/CS will have one or the other every three years.

Annual report forms and peer review visit feedback forms should be retained for submission if requested by the Postgraduate Centre Administrator.

Experienced Supervisors / Trainers: the forms 

This form states the criteria and standards that you need to achieve. It is also the application form: as well as asking for demographic information, it asks you for evidence that you meet each criterion. 

Supervisor Criteria and (Re-) Application Form

This form states the criteria and standards that your practice needs to achieve. It is also the application form: as well as asking for demographic information, it asks for evidence that the practice meets each criterion.

Application and Re-application Form for practices hosting supervised doctors

The Experienced Educational Supervisors' Course 

Every three years, Educational Supervisors/GP Trainers need to attend a 2-day Experienced Educational Supervisors' Course (EESC). They are experiential and intensive. You will work in a small group of about six GP Educational Supervisors with an experienced facilitator for three days. There are usually about 12 to 24 participants.

This is when you get a chance to demonstrate your teaching skills using DVDs and role play and get immediate feedback and some challenge in a safe environment. You teach your peers, also ST3s and sometimes GP F2s.

We use the Cambridge-Calgary process to get to where we need to be more quickly. The format is very flexible and will be adapted to the stated learning needs of the participants.

There is a requirement from the GMC to do one of these courses every three years. During the course you will be helped to produce a Mutually Agreed Statement of Learning (MASL) which will help to inform your educational CPD.

Leading up to the course we will ask that you submit evidence of competence in equality and diversity matters.  This is a requirement of the Gold Guide: "individuals must receive training in equality, diversity and human rights legislation which is kept up to date (refreshed at least every three years)...Such training can be undertaken through a range of training modalities e.g. facilitated programmes, on-line learning programmes"

These courses are held at Guyers House, Pickwick, near Corsham, Wilts SN13 0PS. The cost of this course is £200 (plus £100 if opting for overnight accommodation). The course fee will be paid by the Deanery and the practice will be invoiced £100 for the overnight stay. However in the event of non- attendance, the course fee and the overnight stay fee, if not already paid, will be deducted from the supervisor's next CPD payment. All four of our 2014 EESCs are now fully booked. However, please contact Jackie Pullin for further information/future course bookings.


Full Re-approval Visits to Practices 

Experienced Supervisors and their practices are visited every 3-6 years as part of our QA process.

Full re-approval visits to practices are made every 6 years.

The visiting team (typically the local APD or TPD, as well as a Trainer and a GP ST, sometimes also a Lay Member) will also wish to meet as many as possible of the partners and employed GPs, as well as the practice manager. The visitors may also ask to tour the building to find out about the practice's teaching environment from nurses and members of staff.

At this visit we are interested in the learner’s experience so it is important that all the learners in the practice (GPSTs, F2s and Retainers) are available to meet the visiting team.

The visitors will also focus on the Supervisor's educational skills. Part of this process is to look at a DVD of the ES/CS teaching GP F2 or GP ST. The ES/CS should provide a log of the teaching, and should be prepared to show any part the DVD that visitors wish to look at. It is useful if the log is mapped against the Teaching Competencies.

The team will wish to discuss the Supervisor's development needs and will discuss the MASL from her/his last EESC (or educational PDP for Clinical Supervisors).

The visiting team will usually be led by the Associate Postgraduate Dean and will include another Educational Supervisor (Clinical Supervisor) and their GP ST.

If there are two supervisors in the practice efforts will be made to make it a joint visit.  Visits typically last three to four hours.

Guidance for GPSTs and Lay Members attending Supervisor/Trainer and Practice Approval and Re-approval Visits


Trainers Who Move Practices or Regions


We would expect established  active Educational Supervisors ( ES)who move Practice or region to reapply for Trainer status through the usual route.

 We would not accept applications until the potential ES had been working in the new Practice for a minimum of twelve months. This is to allow the ES time to become part of the new team and ensure a robust understanding of the Practices systems and procedures.

 Applicants who have previously Trained but not been active as an ES for 3 years will be required to complete the whole of the 5 day Prospective Educational Supervisors course (PESC)unless they have a formal Educational qualification in which case they must attend the last 3 days of the PESC.

 Applicants who have a higher Educational qualification, but who have not been an ES previously will attend the last 3 days of the PESC. We would suggest that attendance at the whole of the course might be advantageous, particularly if the applicant has come from outside the Health Education England, South West foot print.